Curriculum Vitae

My career until now has been in the frontlines of the welfare state. I now wish to apply my talents in a more strategic and analytical manner.

  Areas of Interest  
  Qualitative and quantitative research design, particularly document analysis and interviews.
  Social interactions, and their signifiers of meaning, both online and offline.
  Computer-assisted social research, in particular Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.
2020 Educational Sociology,
Master of Arts (in progress),
Århus University,
Had a critical look at the state of Danish dis/ability policies, for instance the consequences of a documented existence and the justifications for a particular methodological approach. In addition, i explored computational sociology through an analysis of Instagram posts, in which I explored R and the tidyverse. This was forther expanded in my Master’s thesis, in which I explored Danish parliamentary speeches through a wide array of NLP and ML techniques.
2012 Social Education,
Bachelor of Arts,
University College Nordjylland,
Specialized in citizens with disability, with a particular focus on the role of the practitioner. I am particularily pleased with my work on the neccessity of action for the practitioner. People-work requires action - even inaction is an action. This, in turn, places great demands upon the practitioner’s self-reflexivity, both as an episode unfolds as well as afterward.
2012–ongoing Skovbo, Sødisbakke
Social Worker
I work in an assisted living facility for adults with autism spectrum disorders and severe mental impairment. I have been an union representative, been part of citizen teams, and collated data from our journalling systems. Since June 2017 I have been working the night shift.
2003-2012 Various
On-call substitute
Aalborg, Lillesand, and others
I have worked as untrained help among the disabled, both as a Big Brother as well as on-call substitute. I have also been on-call untrained help in geriatric care.
  About Me  
  Civil Status Married, with 3 children ages 6 through 12
  Languages English, Danish, Norwegian, R, python
  Interests Tae Kwon Do (1st level black belt), cooking, role playing games
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