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When did social workers become timid?

2 minute read

I’ve been working with the mentally atypical and disabled for quite nearly two decades. In this time, I’ve developed a feeling. A sense of discomfort, discon...

The Toll of Emotional Labor

4 minute read

I’ve been doing “emotion work” most of my adult life; a lot of it in assisting the (very) differently abled. Now, with my transition out from direct emotion ...

Gatecrashing the NLP party

3 minute read

OK, so I didn’t really crash any gates. I did, however, have the chance to attend a workshop on natural language processing, hosted by the Interacting Minds ...

Finding a Professional Identity

2 minute read

Some months ago, I wrote about “developing my sociological identity”. My interests are (still) solidly interactional, with maybe a slight focus on how indivi...

Weekly Media - Week 11

2 minute read

Not a lot of links in this list today, partly due to RSS feed cleanup, partly due to not-as-interesting-to-me stuff crossing my radar.

Social work as (re)socialization in practice

1 minute read

One of my lecturers posits that ‘social inclusion’ has an inherent paradox: In seeking to encompass maximal diversity, a normative pressure is exerted upon t...

Sexism, my children, and I

3 minute read

During the past years, I have become much more attuned to the problems of everyday sexism. From subtle things, like my father expressing the obvious self-evi...

How we dress and social signaling

3 minute read

I’ve been interested in clothes for a good while. While this feels rather self-centered to say in public, clothing is a fascinating intersection of self-exp...

Why academia?

3 minute read

So. Why not start a master’s degree in educational sociology, six and-a-bit years after finishing a bachelor? Six years as a working stiff, with varied and, ...