In “On Intellectual Craftmanship”, C. Wright Mills contends the work of any self-respecting social scientist demands they keep a file or journal, detailing things of interest, both professionally and personally.

This is my such attempt, in which I hope to both keep my hand in writing and practice reflective thought, per Mills’ suggestion.

I have a bachelor’s degree in social education from UCN from 2012, and have been working since graduation at Skovbo, Sødisbakke.

Since the fall of 2018 I’ve begun a master’s degree in the sociology of education at Aarhus University. My current fields of interest lie in the intersection of a society and individual, as pertains to adults with cognitive disabilities and the professionals and institutions that support (or hinder, as the case may be) them.

I am also interested in computational sociology, and the additional insight and grunt processing that can be performed by computers.

For the interested, I have a selection of writing done during my studies available. Please excuse any methodological or theoretical naiveté.

A complete CV can be found here.

Mit CV er i dansk udgave her.