In “On Intellectual Craftmanship”, C. Wright Mills contends the work of any self-respecting social scientist demands they keep a file or journal, detailing things of interest, both professionally and personally.

This is my such attempt, in which I hope to both keep my hand in writing and practice reflective thought, per Mills’ suggestion.

I have a bachelor’s degree in social education from UCN from 2012, and have worked with the cognitively disabled ever since, gravitating towards those with severe issues with emotion control and affect regulation.

The fall of 2020 I completed a master’s degree in the sociology of education at Aarhus University. My fields of interest is broadly people with cognitive disabilities and the professionals and institutions that support (or hinder, as the case may be) them. Specific areas of focus include how we can ensure the continued empowerment of those in need of constant care; as well as how the social worker defines themselves, and how the rest of society positions them.

I am also interested in computational sociology, and the additional grunt processing that can be provided by computers. Which added insights could we gain from quantifying the qualitative somewhat?

For the interested, I have a selection of writing done during my studies available.

A complete CV can be found here.

Mit CV er i dansk udgave her.