Work done during studying for my BA in Social Education

This is a selection of assignments I’ve authored or contributed to while studying for my BA in Social Education. My specialization is in people with disabilities; and many of these assignments reflect that.

Again; these are all in Danish

Recognitions inmportance in developing a sense of cohesion

Here, I compare and contrast Antonovsky’s sense of cohesion with the concept of recognition, as described by Axel Honneth. These concepts are applied in a social health context. Can social workers do something to reduce class-based differences in health?

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Young in the World

My term paper in Danish, culture, and communication. My co-student and I utilized forum theater concepts to discuss the trials of the adolescent with a group of young people with disabilities. The project was a great success, leaving an impression even after the sessions were completed.

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Life through relationships

My final internship report, in which I explore musical and sensory interventions for the mentally disabled.

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The almighty caregiver

For the exam in paedagogy, we explored the power one wields over another when in a position to care for them. This is a report I am particularly proud of; and contains may of the arguments that since have become blog posts.

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Son-Rise versus TEACCH

For the bachelors thesis, we discuss autism spectrum disorders in the context of two interventions: Son-Rise and TEACCH. Son-Rise is a horrible concoction of snake oil, and shold not be taken seriously by anyone, by the way.

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