Martin Andreas Andersen

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I train quite a bit, with strength training taking slight precedence (S/B/D/P 1x140kg, 3x2x100kg, 3x3x180kg, 1x75kg). Since may of 2018 I’ve taken up Tae Kwon Do again, with hopes of graduating to 1st Dan september 2019.

I round out my training with the occasional run or kettlebell workout.


My/the family boardgame collection is larger than most. Fans of TableTop will recognize many of the games. Personal favorites include Agricola and Nord Kapp. I love the idea behind Once Upon a Time, but haven’t had it hit the table in forever. The kids greatly enjoy Smash Up!, King of Tokyo and Munchkin. The cute art and easy gameplay of Sushi Go! is also a hit.

I also have a modest collection of collaborative games, where all players are set against the game (designers). The white whale is currently Forbidden Desert. We have yet to escape the desert in our steampunk ship before losing a team-member to dehydration.


I spent many hours growing up lost in the worlds of Tolkien, Pratchett and Lewis. My level of books consumed has fallen since, but I still greatly enjoy a riveting tale, as well as in-depth discussions of the stories told - be they movies, TV shows or books. The current golden age of long form television is a source of great joy for me.


2008 - 2012 Pædagoguddannelsen i Aalborg

BA in Social Education, with a focus on people with severe cognitive disabilities.

2018 - 2020 Aarhus Universitet (Ongoing)

MA in Educational Sociology